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Cserkeszőlő Bath and Therapy Center

where experiences abound and healing is recreation.

Cserkeszőlő Bath and Therapy Center
img home intro Cserkeszőlő is located at the heart of Tiszazug, at roughly 82 km from Szeged, 42 km from Kecskemét, and 127 km from the capital. Guests and tourists visiting this place are met by the microregion of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county with the richest natural values. Besides the bath, many adventures and attractions are offered by Cserkeszőlő and its surroundings. Of course, most visitors come for the medicinal water of roughly 82 °C springing from a depth of 2,300 meters.

Thanks to the high alkaline chloride and bi-carbonate concentration of the medicinal water, it has a very powerful positive effect on many health problems. The beneficial effects of the water can help to heal chronic motor and rheumatic diseases, as well as gynecological complaints very efficiently. Moreover, the Therapy and Bath Center renovated and extended in 2010 offers excellent alternatives not only for those seeking therapy, but present pleasant recreation opportunities for men and women of all ages, thanks to the nine pools, slides, beach ball, beach soccer, mini golf fields. And thanks to the Winter Bath, our guests can now enjoy the pleasant effects of medicinal water even past summer.

  • Address: H-5465, Cserkeszőlő
  • Telephone: +36 56 568-466
  • Fax: +36 56 568-465
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